Viral Marketing Trends 2021 – Mobile advertising

Viral Marketing Trends 2021 – Mobile Advertising.

Part of developing a strong marketing strategy is to create a strategic plan based on how your stakeholders will find your your brand. For 2021, that means adapting your marketing efforts for mobile use. According to InLinks – Mobile Advertising as a topic is trending. Which makes sense. Because of the increase and development of smart phones, and now a national pandemic, stakeholders have flocked to mobile usage. Which has dynamically changed the way marketers, creatives, and business have to showcase content.

How does mobile advertising affect your marketing efforts? Here are just a few ways:

  1. Change in website development: Making them mobile friendly
  2. Increase in social media use, affecting the cost and range of social media marketing
  3. Increase in Google searches and other online search tools such as Yelp
  4. Increase in local SEO and local search. (i.e. “Designers near me”)

The list can go on and on….


As we move into 2021 and beyond, expect mobile use to dynamically impact how you are marketing.

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