Marketing mistakes you’re making – Not posting because you don’t know what to write

Marketing mistakes you’re making as an artist

Not posting because you don’t know what to write.

Not knowing what to write as a caption isn’t an excuse for not posting. As a creative business – your content says enough. Traditionally blogs and vlogs have been the go-to content. However, in recent years visual artists actually have the advantage. Social media has been moving away from text based content to images. According to Twitter, tweets with images are shared 35% more than text-only tweets. Additionally, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok were designed to be visual platforms.


Start posting – event if you don’t know what to say. So when you don’t know what to say, give your prospects, stakeholders and fans something to look at.  Whether it is a graph, visualization of a process, your final creative product, or even a preview of what’s coming next. Artists and creative businesses can showcase what’s coming up next, close up of materials, new supplies or even a peek into your life.

You don’t need to be a novel writer or event a copywriter to create valuable content. You just have to be ready to share content.

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