Creative Marketing Ideas for Creatives - Giveaways

Creative Marketing Ideas for Creatives – Giveaways

Creative Marketing Ideas for Creatives – Giveaways

There’s no shortage of creative marketing ideas for creatives. However, Giveaways hold a special place in your marketing strategy. Contests and giveaways are a great way to get attention online while getting your product or service into the community.

Okay, so why are giveaways a great creative marketing idea for creatives?

  1. Low Budget – Giveaways are generally a great low-budget way to gain engagement online.
  2. Easy to please – Everyone loves getting free stuff.
  3. Share it – Easy content to share for you and your viewers. People love to share giveaways. Especially if it helps them get more entries.

You’ll gain some engagement with you’re giveaway, but it’ll take some work. A successful giveaway campaign is often less about what you’re giving away, but more on how you’re getting people to participate.

How do you get folks to engage with your giveaway?

  1. Likes. You can always offer an entry for new likes
  2. Shares. Offering entries fore very share of posts can be a great way to earn quick exposure.  However, this is very hard to track honestly.
  3. Referrals. Setting up a referral form is a brilliant way to give entries. It’s easy to track and gains you high-quality leads.
  4. Comments. Asking people to comment or tag a friend is another great way to get quality engagement. Most social algorithms favor content with comments. It helps your content go more viral.
  5. Combinations. Obviously adding a combination of the above is the premiere plan to a successful giveaway.

Creating engagement that will last beyond the run of the contest makes a free giveaway well worth it.

PRO TIP: Contests fail, typically, for one of two reasons – 1. you require your followers to do too much in order to qualify or 2. the prize that they win does not align with your target persona. You don’t have to give away a car in order to garner interest and create excitement around your giveaway, but the prize and the amount of effort required to qualify should be in alignment and should line up with your target personas.

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