Creative marketing ideas for creatives how-to videos

Creative marketing ideas for creatives – how-to videos

Creative marketing ideas for creatives – how-to videos.

In this “Creative marketing ideas for creatives,” you’ll learn the importance and opportunities provided by how-to videos. At this point in 2020, most everyone knows that video is a medium preferred by social media platforms, users, and content creators. Video is a great way to create excitement, engagement, and educational pieces.

Why are How-to videos a great creative marketing idea?

  1. Engagement. First, Stakeholders prefer content that’s engaging. Video provides more relatable and enticing content than just photos.
  2. Easy to understand. Second, having a video that explains a process is easier to follow and reference that a long article.
  3. Stands out. Thrid, and simply put video stands out. In an era of social media, we are in visual overload from photographs. Having video content will help your content stand out.
  4. You’re the expert. How-to and educational pieces position you as the industry expert. It’s a way to brag about your expertise, show your experience, and be a resource for stakeholders.
  5. Be a resource. Of course, by using these videos you will become a resource. It’s a great way to passively drive traffic to your social and web sites. When people need help with a problem, you want them to come to you first.
  6. Generate revenue. Finally, by putting out educational videos, it’s a chance to up-sell stakeholders in full paid courses and other related services.

There’s considerable research that shows the importance of creating how-to videos – and how it can help your audience. Audio and vision are the essential factors that make a video different from any other media. It’s impossible to get the same instant gratification from any media as, video.

You can see the estimated company spend for 2016, based on size. I can assure you that creating more video content will take a huge portion of the budget.

Educational video engages and excites ideal customers by also keeping them interested for longer intervals and creating strong demand for your product.

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