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Secret Marketing Tip for Photographers – Marketing during slow periods

A Secret Marketing tip for photographers

If you’re anything like most businesses, you struggle with promoting your business. Especially during slow periods. Are you looking for a great way to find new gigs without pitching to new clients? What about learning how you can easily retarget previous customers so you don’t constantly have to find new customers? You’ll want to read this secret marketing tip for photographers! It’s all about building a client database!

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Build a Client Database

If there’s one thing that booming businesses do that small businesses fail at, it’s building strong client databases. A strong client database does wonders for your business.

A database will allow you to build a pipeline to track your clients, from lead to payment and delivery. Developing a strong list will help you learn which prospect makes your ideal client, what sales/pitch strategies are working, the most common need your stakeholders to have and keep detailed notes about each project.

Having all of the above information is vital to any business and marketing strategy. Knowing your ideal customer, what services they need, and how you won them over will speed up your sales process and allow you to continue to win new business.

Taking it one step deeper.

The above points are crucial. But they are not the real secret marketing tip for photographers that we are talking about! Having all of your clients and prospects in a well-developed database gives you a place to turn to for more business without the effort of finding a new client and pitching to them over and over.

Remember…it’s easier to sell to someone who’s already bought than someone who doesn’t know you. When things get slow, you need to ramp up revenue for a special project or trip, or just need ramp up business to keep up with day-to-day costs you’ll want a developed client pipeline. Developing a detailed client database gives you an untapped potential.

You may be asking, “I’ve already worked with these clients, how is it untapped if I already tapped into it? Let’s break it down with a few examples:

  1. Up-selling and next steps: Say you do an engagement session for a couple. A lot of photographers are happy to get a one-time gig and don’t think beyond it. However, what’s next? This couple may get married soon and start a family. There’s obviously chances for weddings, boudoir, and future family sets that you can sell this client on. If you have this client in a database, you can set reminders to follow up with the client in the future for other life-event shoots.
  2. Clients that fell-through: We’ve all had it happen. You pitch to a client, you set up a day/time and something happens, and the shoot falls-through. It doesn’t always mean the client didn’t want to use your service, sometimes things just happen.  However, if you don’t have your client in a database how will you follow up with them in the future to remind them about the shoot they never got? Timing is everything, sometimes stakeholders just need a friendly reminder or extra nudge.
  3. Things get slow: When things get slow, like during a pandemic, having a strong client and prospect list can help you find someone who may need your services without having to find and sell to brand new clients. You already know their needs and what worked to sell them, so use that to your benefit.

Okay, so you are sold. How do you start building a client database? There’s a ton of easy-to-use tools for free and in-depth paid tools that will elevate your database. These databases are often referred to a CRM software. Here are 2 ways you can track client and prospect life cycles to make this secret marketing tip work for you:

  1. Spreadsheets: You can use something simple like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create a document that hosts all of your client information. Using these databases are a bit more labor-intensive, but they are free! It’s maybe worth it to save money while putting in a little extra work.
  2. OR you can use a CRM tool like HubSpot. It offers a free plan that allows you to upload client info, update, and create specific details. HubSpot will save your client info, allow you to track conversations, build forms, allow for email tracking, and also track your customer status from start to finish.

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