6 reasons you should define your target audience

6 Reasons to define your target audience

6 reasons to Define your target audience

In this article, we discuss 6 reasons to define your target audience. Defining your target audience is the first step in developing a strong marketing strategy that saves time, budget, and effort in selling/promoting your brand, services, art, message, and product.

Why should I worry about narrowing my audience?

Focus your efforts and creativity: Defining your audience allows you to focus on which of your talents, services, and skills to focus on.

Example: Wedding photography vs boudoir or Horse paintings vs sunset paintings.

It directs your creativity and content. When you know what your audience likes or needs, you can create content they want to see. As a creative, this helps your work stay on track as to what stakeholders want

Example: You audience may desire wedding photos vs a need for boudoir

It directs the language you use. When you are familiar with your target audience, you know how to speak their language and use the terms and phrases that resonate with them in your marketing. It also helps directs the “language” your art takes.

It directs the positioning of your messaging. When you know your audience’s problems, desires, and motivations, you can position your messaging, style, content, and products/service to connect with those perspectives.

It directs the location of your promotions. If you know where your audience spends time, is located, or is traveling to, you can seed your messaging in places where your target is likely to see it.

It directs the future direction of your art, products, and services. When you clearly understand your audience, you know how to reformat, repackage, or create new products and services that give them what they want.  It also helps you to adapt and improve your current work as a creative.

Target audience is a term that gets tossed around quite a bit in the marketing and advertising world. Now you can see why this isn’t a buzzword, and see that it’s actually an extremely important part of any great content creation effort.

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