Providing value as a photographer

Providing value as a photographer

Recently we wrote about the importance of partnerships for photographers. In this post, we will discuss providing value as a photographer for your partners.

Collaborating with other vendors is all about adding value to each brand’s bottom line.  That value could be monetary, but it can also come in the form of reduced costs, business growth, or expanded reach.  The best collaborations provide exposure and build serious buzz for both your businesses.

Take for example the partnership of Covergirl’s partnership with Star Wars.

As Star Wars fans across the globe geared up for the premiere of The Force Awakens, brands hopped on the bandwagon of Star War’s record-breaking sagas with products marketed around the franchise. Covergirl’s Star Wars makeup line is interesting because the franchise has been marketed in the past more to men than to women. The limited-edition makeup set features two product lines that embody the Dark Side and the Light, proving that Star Wars has an equal draw for both sexes. This is great as it draws in both people who are already fans, and potential Covergirl users who may not be familiar with the franchise.

Here are a few ways you could provide value for another business:

  • High-quality photography
  • Improved product staging
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Graphic design or web design expertise
  • Referrals
  • Advertising on your social media networks
  • Free or reduced services for the venue

Here are a few ways you could receive value FROM another business:

  • Free or discounted products such as merchandise, services for your or your clients
  • Access to products, models, or locations for shoots
  • Free or discounted advertising
  • Referrals
  • Cross-listing on different social media channels
  • Expertise in a related field

If you didn’t already – Check out how using these values to partner with local businesses can help you. Not to mention – this post lists an enormous amount of ways you can partner.

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