3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing Not marketing at all.

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – Not marketing at all

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing

Not marketing at all.

In this series, I discuss the third part of our 3 part series, “3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – not marketing at all”. This article will discuss how to market your art to potential stakeholders. Artists often make the mistake of just waiting for people to come to them, buy there work, and offer partnerships. To take a line from the famous Han Solo, “That’s not how the force works”.


While you may think you’re above the odds…you can’t wait for folks to come your way. You need to be proactive and go after the sales. I know, it goes against all of who you as an artist to step out of your shell. Trust me when I say, “It’s worth it though”.

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Plain and Simple…You’ll Sell More Art When You Actually Market Yourself.

While some marketing strategies require you to go full-blown extrovert, most strategies allow you to soft pitch yourself and warm up to clients. But how do you market your art? Here are some solid ways you can market yourself to potential stakeholders:

  1. The obvious: Social media is and will always be one of the best ways to market. Most of us are already browsing daily. You might as well put it to good use. You can market by sharing and posting content but also connecting with clients on a personal level. (Think previous buyers, galleries, businesses, etc.)
  2. Email Marketing: This has been around since the start of the internet. Reaching out to clients via email is a solid way to get introduced without the hassles of setting up meetings and calls. However, cold email open rates are low. This means you have to send A LOT of emails for this to be effective.
  3. Events: This one is often overlooked. What better way is there to meet clients than at industry-related events? Get out there and network folks. But keep it related to your specific industry and niche. This will help ensure your efforts are more strategized.
  4. Publications: While this one requires more experiences, established connections, or even some luck – getting published in periodicals that your clients read is a great way to get exposure.
  5. Good old fashioned drop-offs: Get out there and meet your client. Bring samples of your work to leave with them. Some time the face-to-face interaction leaves a great impression. Think where your clients may visit, hangout, what kind of organizations, charities, and groups they may be apart of.

Being able to fully integrate all of the above methods in a strategic plan will undoubtedly help you #sellmoreart. Don’t think you can just do these things once or twice though. It takes work, so stay diligent and don’t get discouraged if the first few people show no interest.

Why is marketing to your ideal customer so important?

  1. They are in the market for your work. Which means making sales will be easier
  2. Making repeat sales will be easier (the staple of any good sales strategy is repeat sales)
  3. Ideal clients can give you valuable feedback to help you improve your work.
  4. They promote your art and brand. Family, friends, and may say nice things about you, but they don’t promote your brand
That’s part 3 of “3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – Not marketing at all”

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