3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing Not marketing to your ideal customer

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – Not Selling to your ideal audience

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing

Not marketing to your ideal customer.

In this series, I discuss the second part of our 3 part series, “3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – marketing to your ideal customer”. Artists often make the mistake of assuming who their audience is. Read this article to learn about the importance of selling to a defined audience and how to define them. Our next post will cover how to connect with your defined audience.

Check out this  podcast episode “3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – Not marketing to your ideal client”   by clicking here

As we discussed before, family and friends aren’t our ideal customers. But why mention that here? It gives us a predetermined value of why it’s important to define your ideal audience. All the reasons your family and friends aren’t ideal outlines what you look for in an ideal client. Being able to determine your ideal client and gain invested customers ensures new sales and repeat business.

Plain and simple…You’ll Sell More Art When You Define Your Art Customer Profile

Show how do you determine your ideal customer? It’s not an overly complicated process. I use a 2 step process to define customer profiles. The first step is to ask yourself:

  1. Who reacts to your art/work? Your ideal client is going to be the stakeholder who has a visceral reaction to your work.
  2. Who buys your work now? Your ideal client maybe someone who’s buying your work now. Unless it’s family or friends (See here).
  3. Who follows you on social media? Who likes, shares, and engages with your work? Those engaged with your art/work may be your ideal client.
  4. Who does your work appeal to? Who finds it desirable? Is it a gallery, individual, business, etc.

Once you outline a list of answers to the above you will be able to connect some similarities in what your ideal client looks like.

Why is marketing to your ideal customer so important?

  1. They are in the market for your work. Which means making sales will be easier
  2. Making repeat sales will be easier (the staple of any good sales strategy is repeat sales)
  3. Ideal clients can give you valuable feedback to help you improve your work.
  4. They promote your art and brand. Family, friends, and may say nice things about you, but they don’t promote your brand

Stay tuned. Next, I’ll give tips on how to connect with your ideal audience.

That’s part 2 of “3 Big Mistakes Artists Make with Marketing – Not marketing to your ideal clients”

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