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Artists have a hard time seeing themselves as a brand, however, they are. A solid brand identity helps create continuity between your art, product, or service and your marketing.

What is it?

In short, Branding is the physical, visual, and contextual message on who you are. Combining a cohesive set of elements such as logos, tag lines, colors and even sounds across work, advertising and communications to establish your skills, experience, message and intent. Successful branding helps you build successful relationships with stakeholders, and help influence the actions they should take with your work, product, or service.

In short, it tells stakeholders who you are and what your intent is.

Why is identity important?

Branding, combined with a great marketing strategy influences the action you want people to take with your work, product, and/or service.

The more prospective buyers and collectors can connect with you and your art, the more likely they are to want to invest in your brand. But investors don’t buy in blindly. You need to show stakeholders who you are and what you stand for.

Okay, so how do you make a brand?

Tips for building a brand for artists

Need help building or improving your brand? Try the process below. By asking the following questions you will find out what your brand is, and how to adapt an identity that matches your goals.

1) What do you stand for?
  • What are you trying to say through your art, service or product
  • What does your art mean to you?
  • How is your art, service or product unique?
Answering these questions will give you an idea of where to start. Knowing the answer above will help you to really encompass all the key elements of your brand. Knowing what makes you and your craft special is the key reason stakeholders will invest in you.
2) What do you want to accomplish

What are you hoping to achieve with your brand as a Creative? Are you just wanting to share your work publicly or are you trying to build a career?

You need to determine what you want to accomplish so you ensure you are taking the right steps to achieving your goals. Having an appropriate goals sets will help you decide how you share and promote your brand. If you create high end and hand crafted furniture, your brand will need to feel more expensive than someone who makes t-shirts for the local sports team.

3) Ask a friend

Asking a friend to describe your work, product, and/or service can help you. Better understand how you are perceived, the specialness in it, or if it aligns with your goals. It can also help you understand if your goals align with stakeholder expectations and desires for your work.

a really good brand remains unique while still catering to the needs of its stakeholders. Knowing how your work is currently viewed can help you better your work and goals to develop a cohesive brand.

4) Combine your notes

Finally, Take all the information you gathered and use it to build your new identity. Applying the new info, goals and value you’ve gained across all of your marketing and advertising will help you grow and develop new stakeholders.

The most important part of branding, is ensuring all the parts of your work and services are cohesive and work together.

Need help?

SDS has significant experience in building brands from fortune 500s to Universities and Artists. No matter how big or small, SDS is ready to help you build your brand from start up to full marketing and advertising applications.

Contact SDS to explore opportunities to improve, develop, or establish your identity.


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